An interface that enables customizing the behavior of the default notification center.


User Notification Delivery Information

func userNotificationCenter(NSUserNotificationCenter, didDeliver: NSUserNotification)

Sent to the delegate when a notification delivery date has arrived.

func userNotificationCenter(NSUserNotificationCenter, didActivate: NSUserNotification)

Sent to the delegate when a user clicks on a user notification presented by the user notification center.

User Notification Display Override

func userNotificationCenter(NSUserNotificationCenter, shouldPresent: NSUserNotification)

Sent to the delegate when the user notification center has decided not to present your notification.


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User Notifications

class NSUserNotification

A notification that can be scheduled for display in the notification center.

class NSUserNotificationAction

An action that the user can take in response to receiving a notification.

class NSUserNotificationCenter

An object that delivers notifications from apps to the user.