Instance Property


Returns the object value of the receiver.


@property(retain) id objectValue;

Return Value

The object value of the receiver, which may be the same as the value returned by stringValue. For nodes without content (for example, document nodes), this method returns the string value, or an empty string if there is no string value.

See Also

Managing XML Node Objects


Returns the index of the receiver identifying its position relative to its sibling nodes.


Returns the kind of node the receiver is as a constant of type NSXMLNodeKind.


Returns the nesting level of the receiver within the tree hierarchy.


Returns the name of the receiver.


Returns the content of the receiver as a string value.

- setStringValue:resolvingEntities:

Sets the content of the receiver as a string value and, optionally, resolves character references, predefined entities, and user-defined entities as declared in the associated DTD.

- setURI:

Sets the URI of the receiver.


Returns the URI associated with the receiver.