Instance Property


Determines whether the dollar sign character ($), decimal separator character (.), and thousand separator character (,) are converted to appropriately localized characters as specified by the user’s localization preference.


var localizesFormat: Bool { get set }


While the currency-symbol part of this feature may be useful in certain types of applications, it’s probably more likely that you would tie a particular application to a particular currency (that is, that you would “hard-code” the currency symbol and separators instead of having them dynamically change based on the user’s configuration). The reason for this, of course, is that NSNumberFormatter doesn’t perform currency conversions, it just formats numeric data. You wouldn’t want one user interpreting the value "56324" as US currency and another user who’s accessing the same data interpreting it as Japanese currency, simply based on each user’s localization preferences.

See Also

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var locale: Locale!

The locale of the receiver.