Describes an error in the POSIX error domain.


struct POSIXError


Type Properties

static var E2BIG: POSIXErrorCode

Argument list too long.

static var EADDRNOTAVAIL: POSIXErrorCode

Can’t assign requested address.

static var EAFNOSUPPORT: POSIXErrorCode

Address family not supported by protocol family.

static var EAGAIN: POSIXErrorCode

non-blocking and interrupt i/o. Resource temporarily unavailable.

static var EALREADY: POSIXErrorCode

Operation already in progress.

static var EBADARCH: POSIXErrorCode

Bad CPU type in executable.

static var EBADEXEC: POSIXErrorCode

Program loading errors. Bad executable.

static var EBUSY: POSIXErrorCode

Device / Resource busy.

static var ECONNABORTED: POSIXErrorCode

Software caused connection abort.

static var ECONNRESET: POSIXErrorCode

Connection reset by peer.

static var EDEADLK: POSIXErrorCode

Resource deadlock avoided.

static var EDESTADDRREQ: POSIXErrorCode

Destination address required.

static var EDEVERR: POSIXErrorCode

Device error, for example paper out.

static var EDOM: POSIXErrorCode

math software. Numerical argument out of domain.

static var EFTYPE: POSIXErrorCode

Inappropriate file type or format.

static var EILSEQ: POSIXErrorCode

Illegal byte sequence.

static var EINPROGRESS: POSIXErrorCode

Operation now in progress.

static var EINTR: POSIXErrorCode

Interrupted system call.

static var EISCONN: POSIXErrorCode

Socket is already connected.

static var ELOOP: POSIXErrorCode

Too many levels of symbolic links.

static var ENETDOWN: POSIXErrorCode

ipc/network software – operational errors Network is down.

static var ENETRESET: POSIXErrorCode

Network dropped connection on reset.

static var ENFILE: POSIXErrorCode

Too many open files in system.

static var ENOBUFS: POSIXErrorCode

No buffer space available.

static var ENODATA: POSIXErrorCode

No message available on STREAM.

static var ENODEV: POSIXErrorCode

Operation not supported by device.

static var ENOENT: POSIXErrorCode

No such file or directory.

static var ENOMEM: POSIXErrorCode

Cannot allocate memory.

static var ENOMSG: POSIXErrorCode

No message of desired type.

static var ENOPOLICY: POSIXErrorCode

No such policy registered.

static var ENOSPC: POSIXErrorCode

No space left on device.

static var ENOSYS: POSIXErrorCode

Function not implemented.

static var ENOTCONN: POSIXErrorCode

Socket is not connected.

static var ENOTSOCK: POSIXErrorCode

ipc/network software – argument errors. Socket operation on non-socket.

static var ENOTSUP: POSIXErrorCode

Operation not supported.

static var ENOTTY: POSIXErrorCode

Inappropriate ioctl for device.

static var ENXIO: POSIXErrorCode

Device not configured.

static var EOVERFLOW: POSIXErrorCode

Value too large to be stored in data type.

static var EPFNOSUPPORT: POSIXErrorCode

Protocol family not supported.

static var EPROCLIM: POSIXErrorCode

quotas & mush. Too many processes.

static var EPROCUNAVAIL: POSIXErrorCode

Bad procedure for program.

static var EPROTOTYPE: POSIXErrorCode

Protocol wrong type for socket.

static var EPWROFF: POSIXErrorCode

Intelligent device errors. Device power is off.

static var EQFULL: POSIXErrorCode

Interface output queue is full.

static var EREMOTE: POSIXErrorCode

Too many levels of remote in path.

static var EROFS: POSIXErrorCode

Read-only file system.

static var ESHLIBVERS: POSIXErrorCode

Shared library version mismatch.

static var ESHUTDOWN: POSIXErrorCode

Can’t send after socket shutdown.

static var ESTALE: POSIXErrorCode

Network File System. Stale NFS file handle.

static var ETOOMANYREFS: POSIXErrorCode

Too many references: can’t splice.

Operator Functions

static func != (POSIXError, POSIXError) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether two values are not equal.

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