Instance Property


Sets the standard output for the receiver.


var standardOutput: Any? { get set }



The standard output for the receiver, which can be either an FileHandle or an Pipe object.


If file is an NSPipe object, launching the receiver automatically closes the write end of the pipe in the current task. Don’t create a handle for the pipe and pass that as the argument, or the write end of the pipe won’t be closed automatically.

If this method isn’t used, the standard output is inherited from the process that created the receiver. This method raises an NSInvalidArgumentException if the receiver has already been launched.

See Also

Returning Task Information

var arguments: [String]?

Sets the command arguments that should be used to launch the executable.

var currentDirectoryPath: String

Sets the current directory for the receiver.

var environment: [String : String]?

Sets the environment for the receiver.

var launchPath: String?

Sets the receiver’s executable.

var processIdentifier: Int32

Returns the receiver’s process identifier.

var standardError: Any?

Sets the standard error for the receiver.

var standardInput: Any?

Sets the standard input for the receiver.