Initializes a newly allocated NSProgress instance.


init(parent parentProgressOrNil: Progress?, userInfo userInfoOrNil: [ProgressUserInfoKey : Any]? = nil)



The parent NSProgress object, if any, to notify when reporting progress or to consult when checking for cancellation.

The only valid values are [NSProgress currentProgress] or nil.


The user information dictionary for the progress object. May be nil.


This is the designated initializer for the NSProgress class.

See Also

Creating Progress Objects

class func discreteProgress(totalUnitCount: Int64) -> Progress

Creates and returns an NSProgress instance with the specified totalUnitCount that is not part of any existing progress tree. The instance is initialized using init(parent:userInfo:) with the parent set to nil.

init(totalUnitCount: Int64)

Creates and returns an NSProgress instance, initialized using init(parent:userInfo:).

init(totalUnitCount: Int64, parent: Progress, pendingUnitCount: Int64)

Creates and returns an NSProgress instance attached to the specified parent with the totalUnitCount set to portionOfParentTotalUnitCount.

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