Instance Method


Sets the receiver as the current progress object of the current thread and specifies the portion of work to be performed by the next child progress object of the receiver.


func becomeCurrent(withPendingUnitCount unitCount: Int64)



The number of units of work to be carried out by the next progress object that is initialized by invoking the init(parent:userInfo:) method in the current thread with the receiver set as the parent. This number represents the portion of work to be performed in relation to the total number of units of work to be performed by the receiver (represented by the value of the receiver’s totalUnitCount property). The units of work represented by this parameter must be the same units of work that are used in the receiver’s totalUnitCount property.


Use this method to build a tree of progress objects, as described in Creating a Tree of Progress Objects.

See Also

Current Progress Object

class func current() -> Progress?

Returns the NSProgress instance, if any, associated with the current thread by a previous invocation of becomeCurrent(withPendingUnitCount:).

func addChild(Progress, withPendingUnitCount: Int64)

Add a process object as a child of a progress tree. The inUnitCount indicates the expected work for the progress unit.

func resignCurrent()

Balance the most recent previous invocation of becomeCurrent(withPendingUnitCount:) on the same thread by restoring the current progress object to what it was before becomeCurrent(withPendingUnitCount:) was invoked.