Type Method


This method is deprecated. Use data(fromPropertyList:format:options:) instead.


class func propertyListFromData(_ data: Data, mutabilityOption opt: PropertyListSerialization.MutabilityOptions = [], format: UnsafeMutablePointer<PropertyListSerialization.PropertyListFormat>?, errorDescription errorString: UnsafeMutablePointer<NSString?>?) -> Any?



A data object containing a serialized property list.


The options used to create the property list. For possible values, see PropertyListSerialization.MutabilityOptions.


If the property list is valid, upon return contains the format. format can be nil, in which case the property list format is not returned. For possible values, see PropertyListSerialization.PropertyListFormat.


Upon return, if the conversion is successful, errorString is nil. If the conversion fails, upon return contains a string describing the nature of the error.

Return Value

A property list object corresponding to the representation in data. If data is not in a supported format, returns nil.

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