An object that converts between a property list and one of several serialized representations.


class PropertyListSerialization : NSObject


The PropertyListSerialization class provides methods that convert a property list to and from several serialized formats. A property list is itself an array or dictionary that contains only NSData, NSString, NSArray, NSDictionary, NSDate, and NSNumber objects.

Property list objects are toll-free bridged with their respective Core Foundation types (CFData, CFString, and so on). See Toll-Free Bridging for more information on toll-free bridging.


Validating a Property List

class func propertyList(Any, isValidFor: PropertyListSerialization.PropertyListFormat) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a given property list is valid for a given format.


struct PropertyListSerialization.MutabilityOptions

These constants specify mutability options in property lists.

enum PropertyListSerialization.PropertyListFormat

These constants are used to specify a property list serialization format.

Error Codes

var NSPropertyListReadCorruptError: Int

Parsing of the property list failed.

var NSPropertyListReadUnknownVersionError: Int

The version number of the property list cannot be determined.

var NSPropertyListReadStreamError: Int

Reading of the property list failed.

var NSPropertyListWriteStreamError: Int

Writing to the property list failed.

var NSPropertyListWriteInvalidError: Int

Writing failed because of an invalid property list object, or an invalid property list type was specified.

var NSPropertyListErrorMinimum: Int

The start of the range of error codes reserved for property list errors.

var NSPropertyListErrorMaximum: Int

The end of the range of error codes reserved for property list errors.


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