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Type Properties

static let commonModes: RunLoopMode

Objects added to a run loop using this value as the mode are monitored by all run loop modes that have been declared as a member of the set of “common" modes; see the description of CFRunLoopAddCommonMode(_:_:) for details.

static let defaultRunLoopMode: RunLoopMode

The mode to deal with input sources other than NSConnection objects.

static let eventTrackingRunLoopMode: RunLoopMode

A run loop should be set to this mode when tracking events modally, such as a mouse-dragging loop.

static let modalPanelRunLoopMode: RunLoopMode

A run loop should be set to this mode when waiting for input from a modal panel, such as NSSavePanel or NSOpenPanel.

static let UITrackingRunLoopMode: RunLoopMode

The mode set while tracking in controls takes place. You can use this mode to add timers that fire during tracking.


See Also

Accessing Run Loops and Modes

class var current: RunLoop

Returns the run loop for the current thread.

var currentMode: RunLoopMode?

The receiver's current input mode.

func limitDate(forMode: RunLoopMode)

Performs one pass through the run loop in the specified mode and returns the date at which the next timer is scheduled to fire.

class var main: RunLoop

Returns the run loop of the main thread.

func getCFRunLoop()

Returns the receiver's underlying CFRunLoop object.