Task Management

Manage your app's work and its interaction with the user and the system.



class UndoManager

A general-purpose recorder of operations that enables undo and redo.


protocol ProgressReporting

An interface for objects that report progress using a single progress instance.

class Progress

An object that conveys ongoing progress for a given task to the user.


class Operation

An abstract class that represents the code and data associated with a single task.

class OperationQueue

A queue that regulates the execution of operations.

class BlockOperation

An operation that manages the concurrent execution of one or more blocks.


class Timer

A timer that fires after a certain time interval has elapsed, sending a specified message to a target object.

Activity Sharing

class NSUserActivity

A representation of the state of your app at a moment in time.

protocol NSUserActivityDelegate

The interface through which a user activity instance notifies its delegate of updates.

System Interaction

class ProcessInfo

A collection of information about the current process.

class NSBackgroundActivityScheduler

A task scheduler suitable for low priority operations that can run in the background.

User Notifications

class NSUserNotification

A notification that can be scheduled for display in the notification center.

class NSUserNotificationAction

An action that the user can take in response to receiving a notification.

class NSUserNotificationCenter

An object that delivers notifications from apps to the user.

protocol NSUserNotificationCenterDelegate

An interface that enables customizing the behavior of the default notification center.

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