Instance Method


Returns the next daylight saving time transition after a given date.


func nextDaylightSavingTimeTransition(after date: Date) -> Date?



A date.

Return Value

The next daylight saving time transition after date. Depending on the time zone, this function may return a change of the time zone’s offset from GMT. Returns nil if the time zone of the receiver does not observe daylight savings time as of date.

See Also

Working with Daylight Savings

func isDaylightSavingTime(for: Date) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the receiver uses daylight saving time at a given date.

func daylightSavingTimeOffset(for: Date) -> TimeInterval

Returns the daylight saving time offset for a given date.

var nextDaylightSavingTimeTransition: Date?

The date of the next (after the current instant) daylight saving time transition for the time zone.