Instance Method


Sets whether the next undo or redo action is discardable.


func setActionIsDiscardable(_ discardable: Bool)



Specifies if the action is discardable. true if the next undo or redo action can be discarded; false otherwise.


Specifies that the latest undo action may be safely discarded when a document can not be saved for any reason.

An example might be an undo action that changes the viewable area of a document.

To find out if an undo group contains only discardable actions, look for the NSUndoManagerGroupIsDiscardableKey in the userInfo dictionary of the NSUndoManagerWillCloseUndoGroup.

See Also

Discardable Undo and Redo Actions

var undoActionIsDiscardable: Bool

Boolean value that indicates whether the next undo action is discardable.

var redoActionIsDiscardable: Bool

Boolean value that indicates whether the next redo action is discardable.

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