Type Method


Creates an alias file on disk at a specified location with specified bookmark data.


static func writeBookmarkData(_ data: Data, to url: URL) throws


The data must have been created with the suitableForBookmarkFile option. The url must either refer to an existing file (which will be overwritten), or to location in an existing directory.

See Also

Creating Bookmarks

static func bookmarkData(withContentsOf: URL) -> Data

Initializes and returns bookmark data derived from an alias file pointed to by a specified URL.

static func resourceValues(forKeys: Set<URLResourceKey>, fromBookmarkData: Data) -> URLResourceValues?

Returns the resource values for properties identified by a specified array of keys contained in specified bookmark data.

typealias URL.BookmarkCreationOptions

An alias for bookmark creation options.

struct NSURL.BookmarkCreationOptions

Options used when creating bookmark data.