Type Method


Initializes and returns bookmark data derived from an alias file pointed to by a specified URL.


static func bookmarkData(withContentsOf url: URL) throws -> Data


If bookmarkFileURL refers to an alias file created prior to OS X 10.6 that contains Alias Manager information but no bookmark data, this method synthesizes bookmark data for the file.

See Also

Creating Bookmarks

static func writeBookmarkData(Data, to: URL)

Creates an alias file on disk at a specified location with specified bookmark data.

static func resourceValues(forKeys: Set<URLResourceKey>, fromBookmarkData: Data) -> URLResourceValues?

Returns the resource values for properties identified by a specified array of keys contained in specified bookmark data.

typealias URL.BookmarkCreationOptions

An alias for bookmark creation options.

struct NSURL.BookmarkCreationOptions

Options used when creating bookmark data.

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