Instance Method


Gets a dictionary containing the credentials for the specified protection space, on behalf of the given task, and passes the dictionary to the provided completion handler.


func getCredentials(for protectionSpace: URLProtectionSpace, task: URLSessionTask, completionHandler: @escaping ([String : URLCredential]?) -> Void)



The protection space whose credentials you want to retrieve.


The task accessing the specified protection space.


A completion handler that receives a single argument with the credentials for the specified protection space and task. The dictionary’s keys are user name strings, and the corresponding value is a URLCredential. If no credential has been set for this space, the argument to the completion handler is nil.

See Also

Retrieving Credentials

var allCredentials: [URLProtectionSpace : [String : URLCredential]]

The credentials for all available protection spaces.

func credentials(for: URLProtectionSpace) -> [String : URLCredential]?

Returns a dictionary containing the credentials for the specified protection space.

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