Instance Property


The reason for canceling a background task.


var backgroundTaskCancelledReason: URLError.BackgroundTaskCancelledReason? { get }


If the error doesn’t involve cancellation of a background task, this property is nil.

See Also

Error Details

var errorCode: Int

The error code within the domain.

var errorUserInfo: [String : Any]

The error’s user-info dictionary.

var localizedDescription: String

A string containing the localized description of the error.

var failingURL: URL?

The URL which caused a load to fail.

var failureURLPeerTrust: SecTrust?

The state of a failed SSL handshake.

var failureURLString: String?

The string for the URL which caused a load to fail.

var downloadTaskResumeData: Data?

An opaque data object used to resume a failed download task.

enum URLError.BackgroundTaskCancelledReason

An enumeration of reasons used to explain the cancellation of a background task.

var networkUnavailableReason: URLError.NetworkUnavailableReason?

The reason the network was unavailable for a task.

enum URLError.NetworkUnavailableReason

An enumeration of reasons explaining why a task couldn’t satisfy networking constraints.