Instance Property


The reason the network was unavailable for a task.


var networkUnavailableReason: URLError.NetworkUnavailableReason? { get }


The network may be unavailable due to restrictions placed on the URLSessionConfiguration, such as allowsConstrainedNetworkAccess, allowsExpensiveNetworkAccess and allowsCellularAccess.

If the error doesn’t involve network unavailability, this property is nil.

See Also

Error Details

var errorCode: Int

The error code within the domain.

var errorUserInfo: [String : Any]

The error’s user-info dictionary.

var localizedDescription: String

A string containing the localized description of the error.

var failingURL: URL?

The URL which caused a load to fail.

var failureURLPeerTrust: SecTrust?

The state of a failed SSL handshake.

var failureURLString: String?

The string for the URL which caused a load to fail.

var downloadTaskResumeData: Data?

An opaque data object used to resume a failed download task.

enum URLError.BackgroundTaskCancelledReason

An enumeration of reasons used to explain the cancellation of a background task.

enum URLError.NetworkUnavailableReason

An enumeration of reasons explaining why a task couldn’t satisfy networking constraints.