Instance Property


True for resources normally not displayed to users.


var isHidden: Bool? { get set }


See Also

Universal Resource Values

var addedToDirectoryDate: Date?

The date the resource was created, or renamed into or within its parent directory.

var allValues: [URLResourceKey : Any]

A loosely-typed dictionary containing all keys and values.

var attributeModificationDate: Date?

The time the resource’s attributes were last modified.

var canonicalPath: String?

The URL’s path as a canonical absolute file system path.

var contentAccessDate: Date?

The date the resource was last accessed.

var contentModificationDate: Date?

The time the resource content was last modified.

var creationDate: Date?

The date the resource was created.

var generationIdentifier: (NSCopying & NSSecureCoding & NSObjectProtocol)?

An opaque generation identifier which can be compared using == to determine if the data in a document has been modified.

var hasHiddenExtension: Bool?

True for resources whose filename extension is removed from the localized name property.

var isAliasFile: Bool?

true if the resource is a Finder alias file or a symlink, false otherwise

var isExcludedFromBackup: Bool?

True if resource should be excluded from backups, false otherwise.

var isPackage: Bool?

True for packaged directories.

var isReadable: Bool?

True if this process (as determined by EUID) can read the resource.

var isSymbolicLink: Bool?

True for symlinks.

var isSystemImmutable: Bool?

True for system-immutable resources.

var isUserImmutable: Bool?

True for user-immutable resources

var isWritable: Bool?

True if this process (as determined by EUID) can write to the resource.

var labelNumber: Int?

The label number assigned to the resource.

var linkCount: Int?

Number of hard links to the resource.

var localizedLabel: String?

The user-visible label text.

var localizedName: String?

Localized or extension-hidden name as displayed to users.

var localizedTypeDescription: String?

User-visible type or “kind” description.

var name: String?

The resource name provided by the file system.

var parentDirectory: URL?

The resource’s parent directory, if any.

var path: String?

The URL’s path as a file system path.

var preferredIOBlockSize: Int?

The optimal block size when reading or writing this file’s data, or nil if not available.

var quarantineProperties: [String : Any]?

The quarantine properties as defined in LSQuarantine.h. To remove quarantine information from a file, pass nil as the value when setting this property.

var tagNames: [String]?

The array of Tag names.

var typeIdentifier: String?

Uniform type identifier (UTI) for the resource.