Instance Property


A copy of the configuration object for this session.


@NSCopying var configuration: URLSessionConfiguration { get }


Changing mutable values within the configuration object has no effect on the current session, but you can create a new session with the modified configuration object.

See Also

Configuring a Session

var delegate: URLSessionDelegate?

The delegate assigned when this object was created.

protocol URLSessionDelegate

The NSURLSessionDelegate protocol describes the methods that URLSession objects call on their delegates to handle session-level events. In addition to the methods defined in this protocol, most delegates should also implement some or all of the methods in the URLSessionTaskDelegate, URLSessionDataDelegate, and URLSessionDownloadDelegate protocols to handle task-level events.

protocol URLSessionTaskDelegate

The NSURLSessionTaskDelegate protocol defines the task-specific delegate methods that you should implement when working with any type of URLSession task.

var delegateQueue: OperationQueue

The operation queue provided when this object was created.

var sessionDescription: String?

An app-defined descriptive label for the session.