Instance Property


The delegate assigned when this object was created.


var delegate: URLSessionDelegate? { get }


This delegate object is responsible for handling authentication challenges, for making caching decisions, and for handling other session-related events. The session object keeps a strong reference to this delegate until your app exits or explicitly invalidates the session. If you do not invalidate the session, your app leaks memory until it exits.

See Also

Configuring a Session

var configuration: URLSessionConfiguration

A copy of the configuration object for this session.

protocol URLSessionDelegate

The NSURLSessionDelegate protocol describes the methods that URLSession objects call on their delegates to handle session-level events.

protocol URLSessionTaskDelegate

The NSURLSessionTaskDelegate protocol defines the task-specific delegate methods that you should implement when working with any type of URLSession task.

var delegateQueue: OperationQueue

The operation queue provided when this object was created.

var sessionDescription: String?

An app-defined descriptive label for the session.