Instance Method


Cancels the task.


func cancel()


This method returns immediately, marking the task as being canceled. Once a task is marked as being canceled, urlSession(_:task:didCompleteWithError:) will be sent to the task delegate, passing an error in the domain NSURLErrorDomain with the code NSURLErrorCancelled. A task may, under some circumstances, send messages to its delegate before the cancelation is acknowledged.

This method may be called on a task that is suspended.

See Also

Controlling the Task State

func resume()

Resumes the task, if it is suspended.

func suspend()

Temporarily suspends a task.

var state: URLSessionTask.State

The current state of the task—active, suspended, in the process of being canceled, or completed.

enum URLSessionTask.State

Constants for determining the current state of a task.

var priority: Float

The relative priority at which you’d like a host to handle the task, specified as a floating point value between 0.0 (lowest priority) and 1.0 (highest priority).

URL Session Task Priority

Constants for providing task priority hints to a host, used with the priority property.

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