An abstract class used to transform values from one representation to another.


class ValueTransformer : NSObject


You create a value transformer by subclassing ValueTransformer and overriding the necessary methods to provide the required custom transformation. You then register the value transformer using the setValueTransformer(_:forName:) method, so that other parts of your app can access it by name with init(forName:).

Use the transformedValue(_:) method to transform a value from one representation into another. If a value transformer designates that its transformation is reversible by returning true for allowsReverseTransformation(), you can also use the reverseTransformedValue(_:) to perform the transformation in reverse. For example, reversing the characters in a string is a reversible operation, whereas changing the characters in a string to be uppercase is a nonreversible operation.

A value transformer can take inputs of one type and return a value of a different type. For example, a value transformer could take an NSImage or UIImage object and return an NSData object containing the PNG representation of that image.

Example Usage

The following example defines a new value transformer that takes an object and returns a string based on the object’€™s class type. This transformer isn't reversible because it doesn't make sense to transform a class name into an object.

class ClassNameTransformer: ValueTransformer {
    override class func transformedValueClass() -> AnyClass {
        return NSString.self
    override class func allowsReverseTransformation() -> Bool {
        return false
    override func transformedValue(_ value: Any?) -> Any? {
        return (value as AnyObject).className

extension NSValueTransformerName {
    static let classNameTransformerName = NSValueTransformerName(rawValue: "ClassNameTransformer")

ValueTransformer.setValueTransformer(ClassNameTransformer(), forName: .classNameTransformerName)


Using the Name-Based Registry

class func setValueTransformer(ValueTransformer?, forName: NSValueTransformerName)

Registers the provided value transformer with a given identifier.

init?(forName: NSValueTransformerName)

Returns the value transformer identified by a given identifier.

class func valueTransformerNames() -> [NSValueTransformerName]

Returns an array of all the registered value transformers.

struct NSValueTransformerName

Named value transformers defined by NSValueTransformer.

Getting Information About a Transformer

class func allowsReverseTransformation() -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the receiver can reverse a transformation.

class func transformedValueClass() -> AnyClass

Returns the class of the value returned by the receiver for a forward transformation.

Transforming Values

func transformedValue(Any?) -> Any?

Returns the result of transforming a given value.

func reverseTransformedValue(Any?) -> Any?

Returns the result of the reverse transformation of a given value.


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