Returns the value transformer identified by a given identifier.


init?(forName name: NSValueTransformerName)



The transformer identifier.

Return Value

The value transformer identified by name in the shared registry, or nil if not found.


If valueTransformerForName: does not find a registered transformer instance for name, it will attempt to find a class with the specified name. If a corresponding class is found an instance will be created and initialized using its init: method and then automatically registered with name.

See Also

Using the Name-Based Registry

class func setValueTransformer(ValueTransformer?, forName: NSValueTransformerName)

Registers the provided value transformer with a given identifier.

class func valueTransformerNames() -> [NSValueTransformerName]

Returns an array of all the registered value transformers.

struct NSValueTransformerName

Named value transformers defined by NSValueTransformer.