Instance Property


Sets the character encoding of the receiver to encoding,


var characterEncoding: String? { get set }



A string that specifies an encoding; it must match the name of an IANA character set. See for a list of valid encoding specifiers.


Typically the encoding is specified in the XML declaration of a document that is processed, but it can be set at any time. If the specified encoding does not match the actual encoding, parsing of the document might fail.

See Also

Managing Document Attributes

var documentContentKind: XMLDocument.ContentKind

Sets the kind of output content for the receiver.

var dtd: XMLDTD?

Returns an XMLDTD object representing the internal DTD associated with the receiver.

var isStandalone: Bool

Sets a Boolean value that specifies whether the receiver represents a standalone XML document.

var mimeType: String?

Returns the MIME type for the receiver.

var version: String?

Sets the version of the receiver’s XML.