Input and Output Options

Input and output options specifically intended for NSXMLDocument objects.


Because NSXMLDocument is a subclass of XMLNode, you can also use the relevant input and output options described in Constants in the NSXMLNode class reference. You can specify input options in the NSXMLDocument methods init(contentsOf:options:), init(data:options:), init(xmlString:options:). The xmlData(options:) method takes output options.



static var documentTidyHTML: XMLNode.Options

Formats HTML into valid XHTML during processing of the document.

static var documentTidyXML: XMLNode.Options

Changes malformed XML into valid XML during processing of the document.

static var documentValidate: XMLNode.Options

Validates this document against its DTD (internal or external) or XML Schema.

static var documentXInclude: XMLNode.Options

Replaces all XInclude nodes in the document with the nodes referred to.

static var documentIncludeContentTypeDeclaration: XMLNode.Options

Includes a content type declaration for HTML or XHTML in the output of the document.