Instance Method


Inserts a child node in the receiver’s list of children at a specific location in the list.


func insertChild(_ child: XMLNode, at index: Int)



An XML-node object that represents the child to insert.


An integer identifying the location in the receiver's list of children to insert child. The indices of subsequent children in the list are incremented by one.

See Also

Manipulating Child Nodes

func addChild(XMLNode)

Adds a child node to the end of the list of existing children.

func insertChildren([XMLNode], at: Int)

Inserts an array of child nodes at a specified location in the receiver’s list of children.

func removeChild(at: Int)

Removes the child node at a particular location in the receiver’s list of children.

func replaceChild(at: Int, with: XMLNode)

Replaces a child at a particular index with another child.

func setChildren([XMLNode]?)

Removes all existing children of the receiver and replaces them with an array of new child nodes.