Instance Method


Removes all existing children of the receiver and replaces them with an array of new child nodes.


func setChildren(_ children: [XMLNode]?)



An array of XMLNode objects. To remove all existing children, pass in nil.


Replaced or removed child nodes are released.

See Also

Manipulating Child Nodes

func addChild(XMLNode)

Adds a child node to the end of the list of existing children.

func insertChild(XMLNode, at: Int)

Inserts a child node in the receiver’s list of children at a specific location in the list.

func insertChildren([XMLNode], at: Int)

Inserts an array of child nodes at a specified location in the receiver’s list of children.

func removeChild(at: Int)

Removes the child node at a particular location in the receiver’s list of children.

func replaceChild(at: Int, with: XMLNode)

Replaces a child at a particular index with another child.