NSXMLNode declares the following constants of type NSXMLNodeKind for specifying a node’s kind in the initializer methods init(kind:) and init(kind:options:):


enum Kind : UInt



case invalid

Indicates a node object created without a valid kind being specified (as returned by the kind method).

case document

Specifies a document node.

case element

Specifies an element node.

case attribute

Specifies an attribute node

case namespace

Specifies a namespace node.

case processingInstruction

Specifies a processing-instruction node.

case comment

Specifies a comment node.

case text

Specifies a text node.

case DTDKind

Specifies a document-type declaration (DTD) node.

case entityDeclaration

Specifies an entity-declaration node.

case attributeDeclaration

Specifies an attribute-list declaration node.

case elementDeclaration

Specifies an element declaration node.

case notationDeclaration

Specifies a notation declaration node.