Type Method


Starts browsing for nearby controllers.


class func startWirelessControllerDiscovery(completionHandler: (() -> Void)? = nil)



A block to be called when browsing ends.


You should include a user interface in your game to allow the player to determine when controllers are discovered. When the user chooses to search for controllers, call this method. The device searches asynchronously for discoverable wireless controllers as well as controllers that are connected to iOS devices that have been placed in controller-forwarding mode. Whenever a new controller is connected, a GCControllerDidConnect notification is posted. When no more devices can be found or the discovery process times out, the completion handler is called.

If this method is called multiple times, only the block associated with the last invocation is called when discovery times out.

See Also

Discovering Controllers

class func stopWirelessControllerDiscovery()

Stops browsing for nearby controllers.

class func controllers() -> [GCController]

The controllers connected to the device.