A control element measuring a button press.


class GCControllerButtonInput : GCControllerElement


A button element can either be analog or digital.


Reading the Button’s Value

var isPressed: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the button is pressed.

var value: Float

The level of pressure being applied to the button.

Receiving Notifications When the Button’s Value Changes

var pressedChangedHandler: GCControllerButtonValueChangedHandler?

A handler to be called when the button is pressed or released.

var valueChangedHandler: GCControllerButtonValueChangedHandler?

A handler to be called when the pressure on a button changes.


typealias GCControllerButtonValueChangedHandler

Signature for the block executed if a button changes values.

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Input Elements

class GCControllerElement

An input associated with a physical control, such as a button or thumbstick.

class GCControllerAxisInput

A control element measuring movement along a particular axis.

class GCControllerDirectionPad

A control element associated with a directional pad or a thumbstick.

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