An input associated with a physical control, such as a button or thumbstick.


class GCControllerElement : NSObject


Elements are mapped to physical controls on a controller. When a player manipulates a control, the corresponding element's values change. This class is never instantiated directly. Instead, subclasses represent different kinds of elements.

An element class usually represents an isolated element, such as a button, whose values can be read. However, an element can itself have child elements. For example, a direction pad is a two-dimensional control whose values can either be read as a pair of axis elements or four button elements. If an element is a child of another element, its collection property points to its parent element.

The isAnalog property determines whether the element returns a range of values or discrete (digital) values.


Inspecting Element Properties

var isAnalog: Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the element provides analog data.

var collection: GCControllerElement?

Returns the element that this element is part of.


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Input Elements

class GCControllerAxisInput

A control element measuring movement along a particular axis.

class GCControllerButtonInput

A control element measuring a button press.

class GCControllerDirectionPad

A control element associated with a directional pad or a thumbstick.

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