The standard set of gamepad controls.


class GCGamepad : NSObject


The controls associated with the gamepad profile include the following:

  • Two shoulder buttons.

  • Four face buttons arranged in a diamond pattern.

  • One directional pad (D-pad).


Determining the Controller That Owns This Profile

var controller: GCController?

The controller this profile is associated with.

Determining When Any Element in the Profile Changes

var valueChangedHandler: GCGamepadValueChangedHandler?

A block called when any element in the profile changes.

Reading Shoulder Button Inputs

var leftShoulder: GCControllerButtonInput

The left shoulder button element.

var rightShoulder: GCControllerButtonInput

The right shoulder button element.

Reading Directional Pad Inputs

Reading Face Button Inputs

Saving a Snapshot

func saveSnapshot() -> GCGamepadSnapshot

Saves a snapshot of all of the profile’s elements.


typealias GCGamepadValueChangedHandler

Signature for the block executed if any element in the gamepad profile changes value.


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Control Profiles

class GCExtendedGamepad

The extended set of gamepad controls.

class GCMicroGamepad

The controls provided by the Siri Remote.

class GCMotion

The orientation and motion of the controller.