The orientation and motion of the controller.


class GCMotion : NSObject


Figure 1 shows the coordinate system used when presenting device data.

Figure 1

Orientation of the device axis


Determining the Controller That Owns This Profile

var controller: GCController?

The controller this profile is associated with.

Determining When New Motion Data is Available

var valueChangedHandler: GCMotionValueChangedHandler?

A block called when any value in the profile changes.

Reading the Controller’s Motion Data

var hasAttitudeAndRotationRate: Bool

Returns whether the controller can return data for attitude and rotation rate.

var gravity: GCAcceleration

The gravity vector, expressed in the controller's reference frame.

var userAcceleration: GCAcceleration

The acceleration that the user is giving to the controller.

var attitude: GCQuaternion

The current attitude of the controller.

var rotationRate: GCRotationRate

The current rotation rate of the controller.


typealias GCMotionValueChangedHandler

Signature for the block executed if values in the motion profile change.

struct GCAcceleration

A 3-dimensional acceleration vector.

struct GCRotationRate

A structure that provides rotation rates around the x, y, and z axis.

struct GCEulerAngles

A structure that specifies the controller’s attitude as a series of rotations around the x, y, and z axis. The rotations are performed in that order.

struct GCQuaternion

A quaternion structure uses to parameterize the attitude information of the controller.


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Control Profiles

class GCExtendedGamepad

The extended set of gamepad controls.

class GCGamepad

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class GCMicroGamepad

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