Instance Property


A Boolean value that states whether this achievement is initially visible to players.


var isHidden: Bool { get }


If the value of this property is false, this achievement is always visible to the player. If true, the achievement is not displayed in any of the standard achievement user interface screens. It remains hidden until the first time your game reports progress towards completing this achievement.

See Also

Reading and Writing Achievement Properties

var identifier: String

A unique string used to identify the achievement.

var title: String

A localized title for the achievement.

var unachievedDescription: String

A localized description of the achievement to be used when the local player has not completed the achievement.

var achievedDescription: String

A localized description to be used after the local player has completed the achievement.

var maximumPoints: Int

The number of points the player earns by completing this achievement.

var image: NSImage?

An image to display for the completed achievement.

var isReplayable: Bool

A Boolean value that states whether this achievement can be earned multiple times.