A game session you can use to save game data, invite other players, and create turn-based and real-time game apps.


class GKGameSession : NSObject


Use a GKGameSession object to play turn-based and real-time games in iCloud. Every instance of a game session resides inside of an iCloud container. You can create multiple sessions for a single app, allowing players to play several games at once. All of the information for a game session is saved in the owner's iCloud.

Each session can contain a maximum of 100 players. Inside of a session, up to 16 of those players can be connected to each other in real-time. The 16 connected players can be selected from any of the 100 players in the session. You can change a connected player with another player in the session at any time.

After a game session is created, you can save game data in iCloud. Each game session can save a maximum of 512KB data. This prevents games from using a large about of space in a user's iCloud account. This data can be loaded, edited, and saved by anyone in the game session, providing your app provides this behavior. You must ensure that you delete a game session from a user's iCloud after a game is over, otherwise the session will stay in the user's iCloud forever. Game sessions are not automatically removed after a set amount of time. They can only be actively removed.


Accessing Information About a Game Session

var identifier: String

A unique identifier for a game session.

var lastModifiedDate: Date

The date that the game session was last modified.

var lastModifiedPlayer: GKCloudPlayer

The last player to modify the game session.

var maxNumberOfConnectedPlayers: Int

The maximum number of players allowed to connect to the game session at the same time.

var owner: GKCloudPlayer

A player object that represents the owner of the game session.

var players: [GKCloudPlayer]

An array of player objects associated with the game session.

var title: String

The title of the game session.

Inviting Players to a Game Session

func getShareURL(completionHandler: (URL?, Error?) -> Void)

Retrieves the URL used to share a game session.

Saving and Loading Data

func loadData(completionHandler: (Data?, Error?) -> Void)

Retrieves the game data from the current game session.

Listening for Events

class func remove(listener: GKGameSessionEventListener)

Stops listening to the event listener object.

Connecting Players for Real-Time Communication

func players(with: GKConnectionState) -> [GKCloudPlayer]

Retrieves a list of players with the specified connection state.

func send(Data, with: GKTransportType, completionHandler: (Error?) -> Void)

Sends the indicated data to all connected players.

enum GKTransportType

The mechanism used to send messages to other players in a game session.


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See Also

Game Sessions

class GKCloudPlayer

The object representing the currently signed-in iCloud user.

protocol GKGameSessionEventListener

An event listener that handles game session events.

class GKGameSessionSharingViewController

A user interface you can use to invite other users into a tvOS game session.

struct GKGameSessionError

Error codes for the GKGameSession domain.

enum GKGameSessionError.Code

Error codes for the GKGameSession domain.

let GKGameSessionErrorDomain: String

The error domain for game sessions.