A matchmaking invitation sent by another player to the local player.


class GKInvite : NSObject


Your game never directly creates GKInvite objects. Instead, these objects are created by GameKit and delivered to your game’s matchmaking event handler. The properties of the invitation object describe the match the local player is being invited to join.


Reading Invitation Properties

var isHosted: Bool

A Boolean value that states whether the game is hosted on your servers.

var playerAttributes: UInt32

The player attributes for the match.

var playerGroup: Int

The player group for the match.

var sender: GKPlayer

The identifier for the player who sent the invitation.

var inviter: String

The identifier for the player who sent the invitation.



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See Also

Player Invitations

class GKMatchmaker

An object that programmatically creates matches with other players and receives match invitations sent by other players.

class GKMatchmakerViewController

A user interface for inviting friends to a match or for allowing Game Center to fill the remaining players needed for a match.

class GKTurnBasedMatchmakerViewController

A user interface that allows players to manage the turn-based matches that they are participating in.