Instance Property


A filter used to restrict the search to scores that were posted within a specific period of time.


var timeScope: GKLeaderboard.TimeScope { get set }


This property determines how far back in time to look for scores. The default value is GKLeaderboard.TimeScope.allTime. See GKLeaderboard.TimeScope for more information.

See Also

Customizing the Leaderboard Request

var playerScope: GKLeaderboard.PlayerScope

A filter used to restrict the search to a subset of the players on Game Center.

enum GKLeaderboard.PlayerScope

The scope of players to be searched for scores.

var range: NSRange

The numerical score rankings to return from the search.

enum GKLeaderboard.TimeScope

The period of time to which a player’s best score is restricted.

var identifier: String?

The named leaderboard to retrieve information from.

func loadImage(completionHandler: ((UIImage?, Error?) -> Void)?)

The image associated with the default leaderboard.