Instance Property


A filter used to restrict the search to a subset of the players on Game Center.


var playerScope: GKLeaderboard.PlayerScope { get set }


The playerScope property is ignored if the leaderboard request was initialized using the init(playerIDs:) method. Otherwise, the playerScope property determines which players are included in the request for high scores. The default is See GKLeaderboard.PlayerScope for more information.

See Also

Customizing the Leaderboard Request

enum GKLeaderboard.PlayerScope

The scope of players to be searched for scores.

var range: NSRange

The numerical score rankings to return from the search.

var timeScope: GKLeaderboard.TimeScope

A filter used to restrict the search to scores that were posted within a specific period of time.

enum GKLeaderboard.TimeScope

The period of time to which a player’s best score is restricted.

var identifier: String?

The named leaderboard to retrieve information from.

func loadImage(completionHandler: ((UIImage?, Error?) -> Void)?)

The image associated with the default leaderboard.