Type Method


Load all of the leaderboard sets for the current game.


class func loadLeaderboardSets(completionHandler: (([GKLeaderboardSet]?, Error?) -> Void)? = nil)



A block that is called when the categories have been retrieved from the server.

The block receives the following parameters:


An array of GKLeaderboardSet objects that provides the leaderboard sets for your game. If an error occurred, this value may be non-nil. In this case, the array holds whatever data Game Kit was able to download before the error occurred.


If an error occurred, this error object describes the error. If the operation completed successfully, the value is nil.


When this method is called, it creates a new background task to handle the request. The method then returns control to your game. Later, when the task is complete, Game Kit calls your completion handler. The completion handler is always called on the main thread.

See Also

Loading the Leaderboard Sets

func loadImage(completionHandler: ((UIImage?, Error?) -> Void)?)

Load the image associated with the leaderboard set.

func loadLeaderboards(completionHandler: (([GKLeaderboard]?, Error?) -> Void)?)

Load all of the leaderboards for the current leaderboard set.

var title: String

Localized title for the leaderboard set.

var identifier: String?

The identifier for the leaderboard set.

var groupIdentifier: String?

Identifies the group that the leaderboard set belongs to.