Instance Property


A list of player identifiers for players to invite to the match.


var playersToInvite: [String]? { get set }


The property holds an array of NSString objects, each of which is an identifier for a player on Game Center. If the value of the property is non-nil, when you use the request to create a match, Game Center invites those players to the match. No automatching is done and the GKMatchRequest maxPlayers and minPlayers properties are ignored. If nil (the default), no players are invited. The exact behavior for matchmaking depends on the kind of match being created and the class used to create the match. For more information, see Game Center Programming Guide.

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Deprecated Methods and Properties

var inviteeResponseHandler: ((String, GKInviteeResponse) -> Void)?

A block to be called when a response from an invited player is returned to your game.

typealias GKInviteeResponse

Possible responses from an invitation to a remote player.