Instance Property


A block to be called when a response from an invited player is returned to your game.


var recipientResponseHandler: ((GKPlayer, GKInviteRecipientResponse) -> Void)? { get set }


The block takes the following parameters:


The GKPlayer object associated with the invited player.


The nature of the response. See GKInviteRecipientResponse.

An invitee response handler is called whenever you programmatically invite specific players to join a match. It is called once for each player invited to the match. Typically, your game uses the responses to update the custom user interface. For example, you want the player to be able to perform any of the following tasks:

  • Start the match.

  • Invite an additional set of specific players.

  • Use matchmaking to fill the remaining match slots.

See Also

Inviting an Initial Group of Players

var recipients: [GKPlayer]?

A list of player identifiers for players to invite to the match.

enum GKInviteRecipientResponse

Possible responses from an invitation to a remote player.