The GKPeerPickerController class provides a standard user interface to allow one iOS device to discover and connect to another. The result is a configured GKSession object connecting the two devices. To use a GKPeerPickerController object, your application creates the controller, adds a delegate, configures the allowed connection types, and then shows the peer picker. The delegate is called as the user makes selections within the peer picker interface.


@interface GKPeerPickerController : NSObject


In iOS 3.0, the peer picker can be configured to select between Bluetooth and Internet connections.

On iOS 3.0, your application should release the peer picker object after it dismisses the peer picker dialog. On iOS 3.1 or later, your application may release the peer picker after it is shown to the user. If you do this, the peer picker controller is automatically deallocated after the dialog is dismissed.


Setting and Getting the Delegate


The delegate of the peer picker controller.

Displaying the Picker Dialog

- show

Displays the peer picker dialog to the user.

- dismiss

Hides the peer picker dialog.


A Boolean value that indicates whether the picker dialog is visible.

Configuring Connectivity Options


A mask that determines the types of connections a dialog presents to the user.



Network connections available to the peer picker dialog.


Inherits From

See Also

Peer Picker Controllers


The GKPeerPickerControllerDelegate protocol is implemented on an object to customize the behavior of a GKPeerPickerController object. The delegate is called by the peer picker to create a session object and to respond as the session is configured by the controller.