The GKPeerPickerControllerDelegate protocol is implemented on an object to customize the behavior of a GKPeerPickerController object. The delegate is called by the peer picker to create a session object and to respond as the session is configured by the controller.


@protocol GKPeerPickerControllerDelegate


Creating a Session for the Peer Picker

- peerPickerController:didSelectConnectionType:

Tells the delegate that the user selected a connection type.

- peerPickerController:sessionForConnectionType:

Asks the delegate to return a session for the specified connection type.

Responding to Connection Messages

- peerPickerController:didConnectPeer:toSession:

Tells the delegate that the controller connected a peer to the session.

Responding When the User Cancels the Connection Attempt

- peerPickerControllerDidCancel:

Tells the delegate that the user canceled the connection attempt.


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Peer Picker Controllers


The GKPeerPickerController class provides a standard user interface to allow one iOS device to discover and connect to another. The result is a configured GKSession object connecting the two devices. To use a GKPeerPickerController object, your application creates the controller, adds a delegate, configures the allowed connection types, and then shows the peer picker. The delegate is called as the user makes selections within the peer picker interface.