Instance Method


Called by the delegate to accept a connection request received from a remote peer.


func acceptConnection(fromPeer peerID: String!) throws



The string identifying the peer that initiated the connection to the session.


If an error occurred when connecting the peer, upon return contains an NSError object that explains the problem.

Return Value

true if a connection was established to the remote peer; false if an error occurred.


When your session acts as a server, client peers can discover your session and attempt to connect to it. When a client attempts to connect to the session, the delegate’s session(_:didReceiveConnectionRequestFromPeer:) method is called to decide whether the peer should be connected. Your application calls this method to accept the request, or denyConnection(fromPeer:) to reject it.

See Also

Receiving Connections from a Remote Peer

func denyConnection(fromPeer: String!)

Called by the delegate to reject a connection request received from a remote peer.