Instance Method


Activates the player’s turn.


optional func player(_ player: GKPlayer, receivedTurnEventFor match: GKTurnBasedMatch, didBecomeActive: Bool)



The GKPlayer object containing the current player’s information.


The GKTurnBasedMatch object containing the current game data.


Denotes whether the app should be launched or brought to the foreground.


This method is called when the it becomes the player’s turn. It is also called when any of the following events happen:

  • The current turn has a time-out associated with it and the turn is about to expire.

  • Player accepts an invite from another player.

  • Turn was passed to another player. In this case, didBecomeActive is false.

  • Match data is saved by another player.

  • Player receives a reminder.

See Also

Handling Match-Related Events

func player(GKPlayer, didRequestMatchWithOtherPlayers: [GKPlayer])

Initiates a match from Game Center with the requested players.

func player(GKPlayer, wantsToQuitMatch: GKTurnBasedMatch)

Indicates that the current player wants to quit the current match.

func player(GKPlayer, didRequestMatchWithPlayers: [String])

Initiates a match from Game Center with the requested players.