The player’s response to an exchange.


class GKTurnBasedExchangeReply : NSObject


After a player receives an exchange request, they can respond to the request or let it time-out. When a player responds to a request, a GKTurnBasedExchangeReply object is created that contains the player’s response, identifier, and push notification message.


Exchange Information

var data: Data?

Exchange data sent by the recipient.

var message: String?

Localizable message for the push notification

var recipient: GKTurnBasedParticipant

The player that is replying to the exchange.

var replyDate: Date

The date the reply exchange was sent.


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Turn-based Games

class GKTurnBasedMatch

An object used to implement turn-based matches between sets of players on Game Center.

class GKTurnBasedExchange

The exchange information sent between players even when a player is not the current player.

class GKTurnBasedParticipant

The information that describes a participant in a turn-based match.

protocol GKTurnBasedEventListener

The protocol you implement to handle exchanges and match-related events for turn-based games.

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