Instance Property


A string that uniquely identifies the match.


var matchID: String { get }


This string is not intended to be displayed to players. Your game should use this string whenever it needs to identify a specific match. For example, if you want your game to store additional information on a device or in iCloud, it might store it in a database using the match ID as a key.

See Also

Retrieving Information About the Match

var participants: [GKTurnBasedParticipant]

Information about the players participating in the match.

var currentParticipant: GKTurnBasedParticipant?

The participant whose turn it is to act next.

var matchData: Data?

Game-specific data that reflects the details of the match.

var matchDataMaximumSize: Int

Returns the limit the Game Center servers place on the size of the match data.

var message: String?

A message displayed to all players in the match.

var creationDate: Date

The date that the match was created.

var status: GKTurnBasedMatch.Status

The current state of the match.

enum GKTurnBasedMatch.Status

The different states that a match can enter.