Instance Property


The maximum amount of data allowed for an exchange.


var exchangeDataMaximumSize: Int { get }

See Also

Transferring Information with Exchanges

var GKExchangeTimeoutDefault: TimeInterval

The exchange will timeout after one day if no reply is received.

var GKExchangeTimeoutNone: TimeInterval

The exchange will not timeout.

var activeExchanges: [GKTurnBasedExchange]?

Returns the exchanges that are active for the local player.

var completedExchanges: [GKTurnBasedExchange]?

The exchanges that have been completed and need to be merged by the local participant.

var exchangeMaxInitiatedExchangesPerPlayer: Int

Limits the number of exchanges the player can have initiated at once.

var exchanges: [GKTurnBasedExchange]?

The current exchanges that are in progress for the match.