The state the participant was in when they left the match.


enum Outcome : Int



case none

The participant’s outcome has not been set yet (typically because the match is still in progress).

case quit

The participant forfeited the match.

case won

The participant won the match.

case lost

The participant lost the match.

case tied

The participant tied the match.

case timeExpired

The participant was ejected from the match because he or she did not act in a timely fashion.

case first

The participant finished first.

case second

The participant finished second.

case third

The participant finished third.

case fourth

The participant finished fourth.

case customRange

A mask used to allow your game to provide its own custom outcome. Any custom value must fit inside the mask.

See Also

Setting the Match Outcome

var matchOutcome: GKTurnBasedMatch.Outcome

The end-state of this participant in the match.